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“Duckface” pictures on Facebook draw a backlash


The trend of facebook users using mobile phone cameras and taking pouting pictures in their bathrooms is hardly new.  So it comes as no surprise that it has finally attracted a backlash and a new term to describe the expression, duck face. 

The term refers to people who suck in their cheeks in an effort to produce a sultry pout—the end result is more Derek Zoolander than Kate Moss. An anti duck face group on facebook has 17,320 members.  Messages on the group’s wall include: “YES! I’m anti duck face. AND Anti “looking up at the camera looking surprised when you know you took the damn pic yourself”

Another read: “Do people really think duck face makes you look sexy? If you ask me I think it only makes you look like a retard”

An anti duck face website has also been created. The mission statement reads; “because no really, you look stupid.”

Others disagree. “It’s just a harmless fun. I don’t see what the big deal is,” says Shamima Begum, “some people can pull it off, and others can’t.”

What’s your opinion on the duck face debate?

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