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7 signs that you are a chronic Twitter user


1. You tweet your other half

2. You know exactly how many followers you have and you notice when you lose even one

3. You take your phone to bed and tweet before falling asleep & check you twitter feed the first thing in the morning

4. You use # outside of twitter

5. The words “trends” and “trending” no longer have any fashion connotations for you

6. You meet or plan to meet up with people you have met on Twitter

7) Increasingly your rely on Twitter to give you information on breaking news

Feel free to tweet me more suggestions or add them on the comment field. Thanks!

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  1. 26/03/2011 12:36 pm

    I felt so scared after reading your post, Laila… I fit in 6 out of 7 categories!!
    From my point of view, there’s still a couple of other signs you could add:
    – you feel socially relevant, when people “ff” you;
    – your writing gets significantly shorter (short enough to fit the 140 characters size);
    – you start shouting at your computer/phone, because you reached your maximum amount of tweets per hour…
    Have a nice weekend!

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