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America, What’s Going On?


Dear America,

In 2008 you made history by electing your first black president.  In comparison with war mongering Bush your new president was a breath of fresh air and his inauguration unleashed such joy.  In the aftermath of the divisive and toxic politics of the previous administration it seemed as if the whole world was ready to embrace and sing Kumbaya over a camp fire – such was the euphoria. Those of us in Europe even felt a little jealous that you had such a dashing president and we bewailed the fact that we had no glamorous concept like the American dream. 

Fast forward two years later and the landscape has drastically changed. The ‘yes we can’ movement that symbolised hope has been replaced by the Tea Party Movement (no, it’s not made up of jolly old ladies offering freshly brewed cuppas). The somewhat loony movement boasts of superstars like Sarah Palin (thank you McCain), former witch Christine O’Donnell and US Senate candidate Sharon Angle who is under the impression that a ‘militant terrorist situation’ has allowed sharia law to take hold in some American cities.  Other illustrious figures include Rand Paul who believes the Civil Right Bill of 1964 is unconstitutional – that says it all really.

Paranoia seems to be part and parcel of the all white movement that is clearly struggling to connect with reality, but is nonetheless set to be a force to be reckoned with in midterm election. As an outsider I have to ask America, WHAT HELL IS GOING ON? Is a section of your public who vote for such deluded individuals on a weird acid trip of some sorts? 

In Europe we have always had our own nutters, both World Wars started here after all. But America, you were supposed to be the beacon of freedom, the land of tolerance, the home of the brave and the land of the free… least that’s what Europeans were told when we watched your TV programs.  What went wrong?

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